Swift Fencing But Why Fencing?

But Why Fencing?

Fencing is an awesome sport!

Fencing has much to offer in life lessons: thinking on your feet, dealing with a problem in the moment, thinking tactically to surmount that obstacle (which is usually presented in the form of another fencer). Then again, the astute fencer will often learn that they are their own obstacle at times (i.e. improper technique, timing, tenseness, ‘robotic’ reactions, etc.) – a key realization in preparing a future adult. And of course, fencing requires one to be responsible for his or her own actions, as no one can score a point in fencing -except the fencer! No amount of coaching-no matter how well done-can score a touch for a fencer. They must accomplish this on their own. This concept is paramount to the success of a young person blossoming into a stellar adult!